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Podcast: Human Work on The Integral Stage

For the 32nd episode of the Integral Stage Authors series, Layman meets with the co-authors of Human Work, Leanne Holdsworth and Naryan Wong, to explore the leadership mindsets that can help foster more livable, humanised workspaces (British spelling of humanized optional!). How can our work environments be transformed if learning and growth are regularly emphasized; if everyone is recognized as a leader in some capacity; if greater attention is paid to cultures of belonging, love, and care; and if we better digest the wisdom of human systems? How can indigenous ways of knowing, as Leanne is exploring with Maori colleagues in New Zealand, lead to greater connectedness between workers, and between workplaces and the rest of the living world?

At THE INTEGRAL STAGE, we provide a platform to explore emergent integral perspectives, host innovative thinkers, communicators, and creators from around the world, and reflect the larger integrative meta-community back to itself in all its forms. The Integral Stage is:

  • BRUCE ALDERMAN - Creator, Producer, and Occasional Host

  • LAYMAN PASCAL - Interviewer, Co-Conspirator, and Digital Shaman

or on PlayerFM:

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